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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Financial Freedom...what would that be like

So...debt...what a nasty four letter word! I HATE it! I came home tonight and flicked on the TV and on popped Suze Orman and she put me back on track...into motion...motivated me! I love Dave Ramsey and Suze! So, here begins my three year journey to getting out of all debt, car loan included and having $15,000 in savings. Suze said to have 8 months of living expenses in saving...WOWZERS! I have a LOT of work to do!

It is going to take sacrifice, determination, support, and belief in myself. How liberating it will be though! I am honestly exciting.

One of the MOST liberating things I did tonight was write down on a sheet of paper my SPENDING PROMISES. I showed it to Steven when he got home. It was like the weight of the world was off of my shoulders. So, here are my promises (abbreviated version).
1. I promise to stop eating out! Not only will this help our budget, but my waist too! Double score!
2. I promise to write down EVERYTHING that I spend.
3. I promise to own up to my mistakes in getting us where we are at.
4. I promise not to buy something just because it's a great deal.
5. I promise to question myself...needs vs. wants. is part of the game plan:
1. We pay all our bills online (if they can be).
2: We work on a cash budget for everything else. This means the debit card...GONE. The credit card...GONE. The check book...HIDDEN and used only to pay for bills that can't be paid via Internet.

OH...and I replaced the word "BUDGET" with Spending Plan...sounds a little nicer to me! Not so "restrictive".

So, anyone want to join me? Support groups are the best...someone to check up on how we are doing...encouraging each other to keep going strong and helping us get back on track when we waiver.

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